Buildings in Turmoil

American Civil War Buildings in Miniature

     In early July 1863 two great armies collided upon this quiant little town.  Elements of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia under the Command of Robert E. Lee converged from the west and north.  The scattered Union Corps of the Army of the Potomac under the newly appointed George G. Meade raced to meet the rebel threat into the Pennsylvania countryside.

       During the battle that ensued local farms, homes and buildings within the town became embroiled in the fighting.  Some buildings became headquarters for various commanders while others were turned into make shift hospitals for the multitudes of wounded and dying soldiers both during and long after the battle took place.  Many buildings took varying degrees of damage from shot, shell and minnie balls while others came out unscathed.  Some still were destroyed entirely.  

     It is our desire to bring recognition to these buildings, those that have stood the test of time and continue to be preserved and those that have unfortunately vanished from the landscape.  Wether accenting a war gamers table, a collectors showcase or historians mantle we hope to capture the history of those buildings during that violent period and pass them on to you.